Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Rules for Copyright

There is new legislation being written across the globe regarding copyright. In efforts to accommodate new technologies, countries are grappling with permissions. Their decisions will greatly affect the way we share and even control information. The following is a list of clarifying articles I've been reading over the past weeks in an effort to follow developments. Individuals and cultural heritage institutions need to be aware of how new parameters will affect the way they live and work.

Why the Technology Sector Should Care About Google Books
UK Gov nationalises orphans and bans non-consensual photography in public

Judgement Day Approaches for Google in Books Settlement
Google Fights Back Against Book Settlement Critics
Archivist raises questions about copyright
Digital Economy Bill still a threat to photographers
Dealing with Orphan Works in the UK: Several Libraries and Museums Directors Work for Passage of Clause 42 of Digital Economy Bill

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