Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Inspired by Diary of a Girl Abroad, I have made a list of things I am currently "obsessed" with. Unlike Girl Abroad, this list is not a personal one. (Though if you must know, I am currently obsessed on a personal level with multi-colored long red hair, hydrangeas, pretty and yet comfortable shoes, sharing Harry Potter with my daughter, kickboxing, vintage clothing, meditation, rainbow colored foods, and scooters.) Here is a list of  current cultural heritage related trends and favorites on my radar. (This brings me back to my teenage days of making lists of my favorite things in the backs of my notebooks. I hope that you have fun with it too!):

Current experiment: QR codes

Current documentation method: Lifestreaming

Current up-and-coming professional colleagues: "Community Archivists" (which I have been told is an "in" thing to be at my alma-mater)

Current favorite archives web site: The National Jukebox

Current preservation project: Copp's Hill Cemetery in Boston

Current social media project: Ask Archivists, June 9

Current fundraising tool: KickStarter

Current share site: Flickr

Current documentation project: Food Memories at Life in Context

Current connecting with the public: Civil War Sesquicentennial

Current chapter: Recording Unrecorded History (upcoming book "The Unofficial Family Archivist")

Current tool: Scanner (for "More Finds at the Local Antique Shop" blog posts and presentations. It beats out my all-time favorite tool, the microspatula, by just a micro-smidgeon for this list.)

Current crazy news story: "Astonishing" Google news 

Current fabulous find: Rhode Island Charter

Do you have a current trend or favorite to add?


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  1. Ooo! YAY to multi colored hair, Harry Potter, meditation, scootering, and pretty yet comfy shoes!