Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting One's Feet Wet

Bear with me while I take a short hiatus from this blog to get my feet wet. Becoming a high school librarian is a great experience thus far. The students are hungry for information. The teachers are hungry for resources - both primary and secondary. An archivist / librarian certainly seems to bring a fresh perspective to this environment.

If you are a regular reader, you've probably already noticed that I've missed a few posts over the last couple of weeks. Stay tuned! I have a big reveal for my Maine Diary coming. I also have a few new diaries to share with you, including one with a photo (presumably of the writer). I'll share some of my new high school teacher librarian / information specialist experiences. There's an upcoming post to leadership that that relates to an interview I did for the New England Archivist's newsletter. And there's one on alternate careers for librarians that relates to a panel I'm chairing at the fall New England Archivists conference. (I can't say NEA anymore because that means something different in the education world!)

For now, there are policies to write, books to order, archives to begin, a web site to start up and more. I will see you back here in October. Happy end of summer!

- Melissa 

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