ArchivesInfo helps individuals, cultural heritage institutions, and businesses manage their historical resources. Your historical documents are keys to knowledge, memory and identity. Leverage your resources to sustain community identity, promote your business, or preserve your family heritage.

Melissa Mannon offers consulting services that help cultural heritage institutions and communities with their archives management. She specializes in collection planning, including records surveys, collaborative projects, community documentation, preservation assessments, and training.  For more information see

Archives consulting allows businesses to take a closer look at their records needs, promoting efficiency through records management and cementing a cultural identity that your customers can appreciate. Melissa can help small businesses establish a records program, allowing organizations to identify what needs to be retained and what can be discarded and thus reducing costs in paper filing and helping to avoid mismanagement of informational resources. ArchivesInfo also offers research and writing services for putting together an institutional history that can be used for promotional purposes. For more information see

When it comes to family history, archives management helps individuals identify and care for the materials that are most important for future generations. Melissa can help you organize, preserve, and provide efficient access to your personal papers so they can be properly maintained for posterity. She can help you care for records so they can be kept in your home or can help you identify appropriate repositories that seek materials related to the American experience. ArchivesInfo can also help you record unwritten family information through oral history projects. By caring for your personal papers today and securing your life story, you will ensure that the memory of your heritage is safe and will help other family members recognize the importance of remembering personal history. For more information see and

In addition to her writing, Melissa Mannon is a seasoned speaker offering a variety of pre-designed programs or specially designed workshops tailored to your needs.