ArchivesInfo Blog Mentions

People sometimes do not comment directly on blog posts that influence them. I try to keep track of who is saying what about ArchivesInfo around the Internet. This list compiles the references I've found to my posts. I hope that you will check out these interesting blogs. Thank you all for helping to continue discussions about subjects of interest to archivists, their colleagues, and others who care for historical records.

A Family Tapestry - February 18, 2015 - "Lately, the phrase, 'sense of place' has been reverberating in my mind. I first was impressed with this concept when reading Melissa Mannon’s blog, ArchivesInfo. Two years ago, she posted some brief comments prompted by the same thoughts I mentioned above. For Melissa, being “connected to a space” was an important orienting factor: “It is when I un-tether from [my] surroundings that I feel out of sorts.” Artwork on her walls and flowers outside her picture windows were important aspects anchoring her with a sense of place."

Documentary Heritage News - reference to The Underdocumented and Multiculturalism

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter - May 21, 2013 - review of The Unofficial Family Archivist

The Library as Incubator Project - May 21, 2013 - Inspiring the Arts in a High School Library - My article on my work at Goffstown High School

The Archival Platform - May 7, 2012 -  "Melissa Mannon is upbeat about the many possibilities of Pinterest for informing and engaging the audiences of cultural institutions through visual boards." from "Should Your GLAM be on Pinterest?"

Historical Reminiscents - March 7, 2012 - "Melissa Mannon over at ArchivesInfo has produced a number of excellent posts in recent months focusing on orphan photographs."  

What Does an Archivist Do? - February 16, 2012 - Cambridge Public Library link to my Pinterest page

Adventures in Genealogy - November 18, 2011. A must read is The Thanksgiving Tree! Melissa Mannon of ArchivesINFO shares the poignant tale of how her family started a new tradition.

Online Colleges - October 27, 2011 ArchivesInfo is ranked #48 on the 70 Best Twitter Feeds for History Majors

Digital Public Library of America - October 24, 2011 - Quotes ArchivesInfo blogpost "The Other Digital Divide"

Downsizing the Home - October 26, 2011 "October is also American Archives Month , a fact I discovered just a few days ago when, with Family History Month still on my mind, I followed the link to a post tweeted by  @achivesinfo and retweeted it. It turns out @archivesinfo had never heard of Family History Month, and was delighted to learn about it. We had a friendly little Twitter-chat, agreed that these two concurrent month-long celebrations have a lot in common, and wondered if maybe next year the two might share some of their celebrations or work together somehow."

Marian's Roots and Rambles - October 9, 2011. The other day I read a blog post by Melissa Mannon at Archives info called "Reaction to Burning the Diaries" where she discussed her feelings about a New York Times (NYT) opinion piece by Dominique Browning...In the NYT article Dominique Browning describes her thoughts and emotions following the burning of her own diaries.  The original article and Melissa's post are very thoughtful pieces that are worth reading...  

Adventures in Genealogy - link to my post "Melissa Mannon of ArchivesINFO has a great overview on The Value and Pitfalls of Tagging Tweets."

Society of American ArchivistsLists are often the most straightforward way of articulating the finer points of a subject and this one from Melissa Mannon's ArchivesINFO blog is pretty thorough accounting of why archives are valuable.

23 Things for Archivists - May 30, 2011 link to my blog post "What is an Archivist?"

The Posterity Project - UPDATE 3/23/2011 - "Melissa Mannon over at the ArchivesInfo blog has created her own Directory of New England Cultural Institutions Using Social Media. It's a fantastic resource worth checking out, even if it's in Yankee territory. ;-)"

The Turning of Generations - March 12, 2011 - "Several days ago Nolichucky Roots called my attention to a fantastic article over at a blog that is new to me called ArchivesInfo. The title of the article is Culling Family Photographs and it has some wonderful tips on that subject. One sentence really caught my attention because it's something I reallystruggle with. If an old image sits around for years and nobody can be found who knows anything about it, do you really need to keep it? (No) An accurate statement, in my opinion. But how many years does it take before you decide to toss an old photo? ..."

Early Modern Notes - March 11, 2011 Exploring the History of Women – More on Documenting the Underdocumented
Melissa Mannon at ArchivesInfo lists some excellent online women’s history resources.

Archives and Auteurs- March 7, 2011-  "I tweeted about the Guardian article last night then today when I checked the blogs I follow I found a really interesting post by Melissa Mannon at ArchivesInfo 'Culling Family Photographs'.  In her article she makes the very important point  "We really do not need to keep everything. We do not need to be afraid to determine what is unnecessary. We do not need to leave the "dirty work" for our descendants. If we do, eventually someone is likely to get frustrated and just throw the whole kit-and-kaboodle into the trash. Handing down a well-managed collection of personal papers and photographs to loved ones encourages them to treasure the items, keep up their maintenance, AND to value the family history that they embody."...

The Public Humanities Tool Box - February 7, 2011 - "For small cultural heritage organizations that use the Public Humanities Toolbox, this blog post on the uses of Twitter for cultural heritage is a must read! Melissa Mannon outlines six reasons how small museum and cultural heritage organization professionals can use Twitter..."

Genea-Musings - December 30, 2010 "The Archives Year in Review by Melissa Mannon on the ArchivesInfo blog.  Wow - what a post full of events that affected archives in the USA."