Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Information Literacy in the 21st Century

Information literacy is a critical component of life in the 21st century. Overloaded with information, it is difficult to distinguish facts from opinion from blatant lies. The primary sources, upon which I built a career, are often forgotten. Citizens turn to social media, often seeking like-minded people to inform them. Or, we look for people with whom we generally disagree to make sure we are in the right camp, believing the opposite of our perceived foes. Today, more than ever, librarians and archivists need to use their skills for outreach. We have an important job that involves helping our patrons understand qualities of information and where to find sources.

For the past six years, in addition to part-time archives consulting, I have worked as a full-time high school Library Media Specialist . In this position, I have learned much about what people believe and how they use information. During this time, I have also earned a post-grad degree in Education. Thus, it is time to restart the ArchivesInfo blog through a new lens.

  • What responsibilities do archivists and librarians have to the public?
  • How can our skills help mold the 21st century for the better?
  • What is information literacy?
  • How can, and why should, schools make information literacy a primary component of teaching?
  • How can/should education change in the United States to ensure students can evaluate information and think critically for themselves?
  • How can educators collaborate with professionals outside of schools to improve school outcomes?
Studying to make education and awareness of information stronger
I will share with you some of my half-decade's worth of writing and publications in this area. I will also share my experiences teaching information literacy and collaborating with professionals in my community. Finally, I hope we can use this space to brainstorm ideas to make our skills as information professionals, educators, and cultural heritage experts stronger.

It's nice to be blogging again...