This blog furthers the vision of ArchivesInfo to promote memory, cultural identity, and information literacy.
  • Explore ways to preserve and promote cultural literacy and community building
  • Examine how cultural institutions and schools can collaborate to enhance information literacy 
  • Discuss how the teaching of old and new technologies, using cultural heritage resources as our tools, will prepare the next generation for advancing society 

Author Melissa Mannon is a teacher, archivist, librarian, social media expert, and cultural heritage consultant with twenty-five years of experience promoting collaboration and professionalism among museums, libraries, historical societies, town governments, private collectors, and schools. She is the principal consultant of ArchivesInfo and a high school information specialist.

Melissa was one of the first archivists in the 1990s to actively encourage cross-professional collaboration, promoting connections between museologists, archivists, librarians, and other cultural heritage partners to help ensure the security, accessibility, and understanding of a broad range of cultural heritage resources. She now uses her background in this area to promote the value of collaborating with schools to mutually benefit students and cultural agencies.

Along with her consulting and teaching, Melissa is a published author of books and peer-reviewed articles. She is a frequent guest blogger on cultural heritage web sites and is an enthusiastic public speaker. She writes and presents on a broad range of topics related to securing our cultural heritage, archives and education.

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