Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Finds at the Local Antique Shop

"As we look at this luxuriant plantation we get the feeling of actually breathing the hot and humid atmosphere of a tropical jungle."

People once bought stereoscopes to learn about foreign lands and as a form of entertainment. The 3D images add a little touch of realism that people could not get from a book or snapshot image.

This card is from the Keystone View Company, which was once the largest company of its kind. The image on the front was accompanied by information about the scene on the back. Written poetically, the text gives the viewer a sense of adventure in an "exotic" place most would likely never see in person.

My daughter and I found a box of these cards and similar ones at the local antique shop for a dollar each. She was enamored with the donkeys and immediately intrigued by the bananas. Our stereoscope has been a great learning tool to not only glimpse foreign lands, but to also connect with the past.

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