Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Finds at the Local Antique Shop - Easter Merchandising

And now for a little spring fun...

In February I posted about a Majestic Theater Playbill I found. At the time I purchased that item, I also purchased this little gem from the Hollis Theater.  It is dated April 9, 1900. The one-hundred-eleven year old paper is brittle, but in otherwise good condition.  I have admired the gorgeous cover art sitting on my desk and it is time to put it away. A quick thumb through the booklet reveals some timely, just in time for Easter, information. Theater-goers were coaxed by Early spring ads to purchase hats and gloves for the upcoming holiday. They were also thrust into Easter merchandising with ads for confections and "fancy neckwear."

Boston's beloved Filene's ad caught my eye, marketing style and economy for "The correctly gowned woman." According to a Study Report I found online dated 2006, the first building on Washington Street at the Filene's complex in which I once shopped was erected in 1905, post-dating my playbill. This is an interesting history to explore further. Within the report, photos from the Boston Public Library's Filene's archives have images from the earlier building. The report states that, "By 1890, Filene had consolidated the Winter Street stores in a five story building at 445-447 Washington Street."   According to the report, Filene's included 445-463 Washington Street soon thereafter. I wonder about the 447-449 address in my ad, but I'll leave this little mystery to someone else.... Check out the Filene's display windows pictured in the report too. They are fascinating.

I purchased my Easter dress for this year at a vintage shop last week. The owner gave me a new found appreciation for clothing history. What a fun find these ads and the Filene's report were today! I hope that I will make the mark of a "correctly gowned woman" -- minus the gloves and hat.

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