Monday, January 23, 2012

Videos Introducing "The Unofficial Family Archivist"

I know that I promised you ideas for using your orphan photos this week. Those will come in a couple of days. (I'm busy playing with decoupage and hope to have an image of something maybe a little new and different to share.) In the meantime, I would like to post some videos I made late last week to tell you about my new book The Unofficial Family Archivist: A Guide to Creating and Maintaining Family Papers, Photographs, and Memorabilia. 

Quite honestly, this is my first time filming myself talking directly to a camera. At first it felt very different from making a presentation until I relaxed and really forgot that I was talking to a camera and not a real person. In the end, it was fun. If you have never met me in person, I hope that perhaps you'll enjoy "meeting" me in a new way - connecting my voice and mannerisms to my words. Welcome to my five part introduction:


  1. Greetings from a fellow former Long Islander! I think your idea to produce these videos was spot on and I wish you well in the promotion of your new book.

    This book debuts at a critical nexus in my own work and blog, where I am receiving (and documenting through my blog) multiplied donations (and even loans) of family material from generations back, some over one hundred forty years old.

    Though delighted to be the recipient of such family gems, I'm horrified when, for example, the paper of a letter I've just gently picked up literally crumbles in my hands! I am hoping your new book will give me the kind of next-step help I'm seeking in this expanded "family archivist" role.

  2. Thank for commenting Jacqi. I look forward to checking out your blog and to learning more about the materials in your possession. Please let me know if you have any questions about your items that you feel my book does not adequately cover for your specific circumstance. I'm happy to try to help if I can.