Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest Post for ActiveHistory.ca

Below is a link to my guest post for Activehistory.ca . Active.ca is one of my favorite blogs. I was honored to be asked to contribute to their body of work.http://activehistory.ca/2012/02/outreach-and-collections-encouraging-community-members-to-play-a-role-in-saving-history/

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  1. Thanks for sharing that link, Melissa. Excellent article. Key ideas. I'd like to share that link with some local history advocates.

    I sometimes get a feeling of "disconnect" at local history museums which feature the history and culture of such long-ago times that there seems to be no connection to the people and place here and now. While it is important to know about our earliest settlers and their heritage, I want to know what *else* shaped our city or region into the place (and the people) we are today. Adopting some of the ideas in your guest article may redirect the attention of those with the say-so to mine that wealth of local history previously bypassed.