Sunday, April 6, 2014

Teaching with Archives

I posted this ArchivesInfo and Archives in Education video without sound last week. I ran it as a slideshow on my table at the local history fair in Nashua as a way to generate conversation. I've been a fair participant for many years, but this is the first time I've set up since beginning a new career as a high school information specialist.

After first posting this video on the ArchivesInfo blog, a couple of people wrote to me ask for me to narrate the slides so, I've done that. The slides themselves didn't generate much discussion at the local history event, but people who visited my table were intrigued by the idea of archives in schools. I've focused my overdubbed talk on that. This talk is off-the-cuff and without planning, but I've been promoting these concepts for so long now that I felt comfortable presenting that way on YouTube. Forgive my few stumbles and a couple of not totally accurate comments...I felt I got the point across well enough to generate some conversations with you. I may mess it up even more if I do it a second time!

Happy archiving! Remember that our archives have the potential to inspire.

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