Friday, September 11, 2020

Outreach for your library through Book Snippets

 Many years ago, before Pinterest was a super-popular platform, I used it to promote archives. My board, "What does an archivist do?" became very popular. Since that time, many new platforms have developed that do similar things to Pinterest and librarians have come up with clever ways to use them.

This year, our school moved to Google platforms to accommodate remote learning. Despite the difficulties, remote and blended learning have actually extended new opportunities to my school library. As students move online, they are more likely to check out our book catalog, more likely to explore databases, and our heavy readers are eager to join my library's Google Classroom.

One way I have tried to get their attention is by creating a padlet with "book snippets" from my favorite books and books that I am currently reading. Padlet is a great tool (similar to Pinterest in many ways) for easily sharing information online. I have found it quite easy to use to record audio and video of book related topics for my teens. Through Google Classroom, I have invited students to share their own book snippets with me to include in our padlet. I can't wait to see if and what they share!

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